• This is such a caring, feel good family place!  
    As I was leaving from my morning workout the parking lot and the parked cars were covered in snow . Steve, the owner was using his blower to clear the snow from the walking path. Once I got into my car, I noticed that Steve was following one of our elderly male member to his car and immediately proceeded to clear the snow from the members vehicle!!! GREAT things are happening here  – Molly G. (1/7/17)
  • This is hands down the best gym in the Bergen county area. I have been a member for a short period of time but its not comparable to any other gym. The friendly staff is amazing anything you need from help with the know how of a exercise or just a spot while lifting staff is there. This gym is a bit pricey but well worth the money it’s an investment to a healthier life. Parking is great never any problems. – Cory F. (11/26/16)
  • I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the wonderful staff you have.  Lindsey in particular sticks out to me as she greets you with such a warm and gently spirit as you walk through the door and she knows the names/faces of many if not all of the members.  She can check you in as you walk in the door before you even reach the desk and pull out your card.  She’s great and exemplifies excellent customer service.  All of your front desk personnel are great, but Lindsey sticks out to me.  I knew I would join your gym after being greeted by the front desk personnel, the nice gentleman for my tour and the awesome class instructors.  I couldn’t believe the gym members so nice, warm and inviting as well.  It was unbelievable and truly amazing!!!  I checked out a few other gyms, but none compared to yours.  Everything I named above stood out from the others and truly make a difference.  I am so very glad I chose to be a member of your gym and am happy with my decision!  Thank you for the wonderful staff you have and please keep doing what you’re doing!!!! – Lisa M. (11/25/16)
  • Have been training here since moving to Bergen County 16 years ago. Plenty of equipment, friendly helpful staff, always clean. Would not go anywhere else. – Robert S. 
  • I really like the class instructors and what they bring: great attitude, friendly, knowledgable, supportive! – Molly G. (9/11/16)
  • Regarding Sharon’s classes: It’s great to have such a dynamic instructor in the morning. I get an incredible work out and leave energized to tackle the day. Sharon is a wonderful instructor. I feel stronger after working out with her.  – Elena G. (6/12/16)
  • Took a great class with Jill on Sunday at 8am. She is a wonderful instructor. The classes are interesting, challenging and you get a fantastic work out with an instructor who motivates, encourages and leads by example – Elena G. (6/12/16)
  • Thanks so much for the free birthday personal training session.  I had never been interested in personal training before.  After my session (with Sharon) I will definitely be signing up for more sessions.  I appreciate the specials you run – the discounts make renewing my membership a much less financially painful experience. -Michelle S. (6/3/16)
  • I love Westwood health and fitness, I just rejoined and am thrilled to be back. I have been going there since the late seventies. It’s clean, friendly staff and very accommodating. And what made me feel real good was that Steve the owner remembered me and was genuinely happy to see me. It has a lot to offer and if needed they will work with you to customize your work out program. In my case I now have some knee issues and a shoulder that had to have some p.t. Don’t count it out because it’s not a big chain, you will not be disappointed if you go there. They will even give you a free week help you decide. -Linda M. (4/30/16)
  • My first spin class with Sharon (which my husband & I were 5 minutes late to) she enthusiastically welcomed us made sure the bike was set right, took time during the class to give me specific instruction & made me feel good about being there. I had a similar experience with Nikki with regard to instruction, help with bike settings, & motivation. Her rip & ride format is amazing! We make it a point to spin as a family on Tuesday nights. Sara was subbing one night, we enjoyed her endurance class & have been to her class several times. She made us feel welcome too & talking to her after class & watching the Shred class, she suggested we try it, so the following week we tried Jill’s class – same experience – helpful, gave modifications, & made us feel welcomed & we want to try to work her Wednesday Shred class into our schedule. -Courtney R. (3/27/16)
  • The spin instructors Nikki and Ray take time to make sure you are positioned correctly on bike. -Linda P (3/27/16)
  • All good! Thank you – thank you for staying open in bad weather! – Thank you for clearing the snow so fast after a storm!! thank you for having those wonderful elliptical machines that are not bouncy but where your feel slide straight up and down! Thank you for having my husband’s favorite cardio machine which he loves!!!! -Lucinda R. (3/27/16)
  • Everyone friendly & helpful! Yoga classes are awesome, Kristin is the greatest! -Kathleen R. (3/27/16)
  • I took a TRX class on Saturday March 19th at 9am, The instructor Elizabeth Carr was wonderful! -Elena G. (3/19/16)
  • What a change in the atmosphere now, I love it! No more yelling across the training floor and treadmills … It’s actually really enjoyable going there. So happy changes have been made! -Danielle S. (3/12/16)
  • I’ve been coming to the 5:30 am classes every morning during the week and they’ve been great. The class variety is also great because everyday is different and challenging. The locker rooms are also clean and kept well. The steam room and sauna are always ready to go bright and early if needed. The weight room is very spacious with a good amount and variety of cardio machines. Great gym overall! -Gisselle M. (7/14/15)
  • I love the family feel when walking in. I go to the 530 am spinning Mon-Fri and everyone is friendly, yes at 530am!
    The kid club is awesome my 2 yr old and 9 month old love it there (no not at 530 am, but in the afternoon. I’m not completely nuts! Haha). I also love the fact that it is not a corporate, huge meat market gym. Very neighborhood friendly, small town feel! 
    -Kamila C. (3/30/15)
  • As a member of this gym I wish to say I appreciate the fastidiousness of the staff and owners regarding cleanliness. It is a pleasure to be a member and I applaud the efforts of everybody involved. -Norah T. (3/6/15)
  • Fantastic gym. One of the few in the area that offer a 1 month and 3 month membership for both students and adults. Perfect for winter/summer breaks. Sign up was quick and easy. Fairly crowded but never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a machine, never had to wait at all for a treadmill. Everything you need: power rack, squat rack, bench press, free weights up to 120+, a ton of machines. -Justin George (2/7/15)
  • This place is great. Extremely spacious and all the amenities are wonderful! Couldn’t ask for a better place to work out. -Im H. (12/24/14)
  • I am a member of Westwood Health and Fitness for over a year now and I am truly happy…as a matter of fact my wife and my son also work out with me.  I take 5 to 6 free classes per week (from spin to bootcamp) and I am at my fittest ever.  The trainer are top notch, they keep you motivated, and engaged, you just want to come back for more as you see results.  A super friendly enviroment, very clean and tons of equipment.  Best place to work out and very affordable. -Robert F. (9/9/14)
  • I have been a member at Westwood Health & Fitness for a long time.  There are many different classes available for all levels, and the instructors are knowledgeable as well as nice. If you prefer working out in the weight room, there are a lot of great machines.  The staff and other members are friendly, so it is fun to be here.-Nancy W. (8/27/14)
  • I am very happy at this gym, I have found that their class schedule offers many more options than other local gyms. The trainers and instructors are all very skilled. My favorite instructor is Ranae Bart. She focuses on your form (rather than her own workout!) and provides the motivation you need to get through her challenging workouts. I just renewed membership for another year. -Brendan G. (8/25/14)
  • This place is the best. Very helpful and frendly staff. Bathrooms are clean. Spin bikes are new and classes are terrific. -Richard N. (7/1/14)
  • I’m really happy here! The staff is very friendly and the sales team is non high pressure- unlike most gyms which push me away. They also offer all different packages if you don’t want to lock in to a year membership. I suffer from SEVERE allergies and finding a clean gym was difficult for me. I am able to work out and breathe at the same time…AMAZING! I always see the staff cleaning. They offer a variety of classes- I’ve only taken spin and TRX but I hear others are great too. The bathrooms could use a little updating but word on the street is they are going to be renovated soon. I’ve tried other gyms and I find this to be the best fit for me. -Jennifer S. (12/27/13)
  • I love this gym! The staff members are so friendly…as I walk in the door they greet me by name, which is rare at a big gym like this. I frequent the gym about 5 days a week and there is plenty of variety to choose from. I used to be afraid of spin classes and now I spin on a regular basis. The instructors are very helpful and push you to work to your potential. The group classes are amazing! I would compare many of them (especially Karen’s, Elizabeth C.’s, and Ranae’s) to boot camp classes. If you are looking for a challenging workout…you got it! The best part is, they are never the same! You walk into class having no idea what to expect and you walk out, sweating like crazy, but you feel AMAZING! There are classes for all ages as well. The list of group classes that is offered is endless. A few months ago, I tried TRX. The 1st night I thought I was going to DIE! But I decided to buy a package and face the challenge rather than running away from it. Now I actually enjoy it and can feel the results for several days following a class. My favorite part of my gym experience has been getting a personal trainer (Ranae). She is beyond knowledgeable, motivating, understanding, and pushes me to my full potential. I am beyond happy with the MAJOR results she has helped me attain over the past few months. I have family members who barely recognize me after just 6 months of working with her…what a great feeling! I would highly recommend this gym! -Mary S.    (4/21/13)
  • I have been a member for the past 2 years, and having been to other gyms in the area, I can honestly say that this is by far the best gym.  In addition to using the regular weights & exercise equipment, I have been taking TRX classes a few times a week.  This is by far the best training / class I have ever been a part of, and the trainer (Mike) has a passion for pushing people to reach their goals!

The results have been noticeable by friends and family, but more than that, I feel better than I ever have in my life.  I would recommend this gym, and I DEFINITELY recommend TRX classes with Mike!!!   It’s a game changer and you will become addicted to the challenge that TRX offers… -Sean G. (4/21/13)
  • Wow, what a great environment at this gym.  First off, the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgable.  The personal trainers are very good and know how to cater to your needs.  The equipment is great, and is one of the only gyms that has personal tvs on most of the cardio equipment.  Big weight area, and you are never waiting around for machines.  Also, there’s free day care if you have to bring a child.  There are many classes to choose from,but I can talk to the spin classes being great.  Great family-owned gym that has it all! -Mike S. (4/20/13)
  • I have been a member at Westwood Health & Fitness for many years.  WHF offers a variety of classes, in addition to the weight room and cardio machines.  The classes are geared for many  different levels, so it’s easy to find a class that suits you.  If you vary your workout, you never get bored.  The instructors and other members are friendly, so it’s a pleasure to be at WHF. -Nancy P. (1/5/13)
  • I love this gym!!! They have so much equipment and they keep the place clean! -Roger C. (12/12/10)
  • Absolutely love the raquet ball court! -Rose M (10/5/11)
  • I’m pretty happy with this gym.  There’s never a wait for equipment, and it is kept updated and rarely broken.  The classes are very good.  The best thing to me is the free childcare.  The women who work there are the nicest individuals you could meet.  My daughter loves them, and they make me feel comfortable to leave her in their care. -Meg P (7/16/11)

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